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Business Apps

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Business apps enable users to track their time and tasks, produce documents, connect with colleagues, plan and perform projects, and more. Your ability to extract more value out of this software, makes you a more highly desirable resource. Come with us as we explore what’s new in the world of business applications.

New Horizons Microsoft Office Training

1/2 Day Seminar Schedule

Outlook brings value far beyond messaging and email. In this session you’ll see how the calendar and task functions available in Outlook are combined to produce useful time and task management systems.
The most efficient way to collect the right information from people in the right format fully normalized and ready for use is to construct emailable forms in pdf format. Here’s how to build these highly useful forms using Acrobat Pro DC.
Microsoft Teams has completely and dramatically improved the way in which people work together. Starting from a “chat” foundation, Teams provides a single interface for file sharing, conferencing, scheduling, coordination, communicating and much more.
Say hello to Planner. Learn about plans, tasks, boards, and buckets and how they enable better teamwork. Also featured are notifications, the Charts View, and the Notebook.


  • The 10 Steps to Planning a Successful Office 365 Deployment

    As Office 365 continues to get more and more robust, with more and better functionality, its important to recognize that a successful environment starts with a successful deployment. Here are the # steps that must be included for your next Office 365 deployment to be completely successful.

  • The Exploding World of Office365

    No longer simply a suite, Microsoft Office365 has become an ever-expanding platform for organizational productivity, communication, and collaboration. Those focusing their careers on supporting Office365 environments need to ramp up on the roadmap and get ready for an exciting ride. With greater power comes greater responsibility.

  • The Difference Between Office 365 & Microsoft 365

    In what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella calls the “cloud-first, mobile-first world” you need more, and that’s why Microsoft combined Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) to create Microsoft 365, designed to be your complete working environment every day of the year, no matter where you may find yourself working. You’ll need to expand your knowledge and skills to meet these increasing demands, expanding your career while you do. Decades before Satya Nadella, newly-appointed CEO of Microsoft, announced that we were living in the “cloud-first, mobile-first” world, then-CEO of Novell Robert Frankenberg declared that work was no longer a destination, it was an activity. Both were decidedly correct.