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Catchy Phrase about Cloud

We’re moving into a new era of leveraging the advantages of cloud computing to drive applications with microservices and containers, improved communication with unified communications, enhanced collaboration, and move us to a serverless world in which everything is delivered as a service. If being part of that transformation intrigues you, come learn more about the next generation of cloud.

Cloud and Big Data Training and Certification at New Horizons

An overview of the various AWS technologies that customers use to implement a Microservices architecture, including containerization and serverless options.
An overview and demonstration of creating, inserting, and querying data with Amazon DynamoDB.
Developers have been challenged when building high-memory-demand apps on Azure. Azure Monitor which includes Log Analytics and Application Insights, allows them to maximize cloud performance and availability. See the performance and management advantages delivered by Azure Monitor.
Making the decision to transition to cloud begins with an understanding of the advantages and benefits available. We'll cover fundamentals of cloud computing, time and cost advantages, and more info about Microsoft Azure cloud hosting services.
System Administrators leverage PowerShell to make it far easier to automate processes and manage environments. Learn the basics of powerful scripting capabilities and how the interactive PowerShell prompt significantly increases the administrator's capabilities.
Classifying and categorizing data is part of the key to the superiority of the Microsoft SharePoint environment. Learn about the many facilities in SharePoint that help you develop and maintain the ideal information architecture.
Keep all data online and available instead of leveling and committing it to cold storage. No matter how warm or cold your transactional data may be, you can stretch the useful life and accessibility of data while also stretching your IT budget further than before.


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  • The Problem is… what happens when it starts to grow?

    No, we’re not talking about a horror movie in which astronauts find a cute little baby space creature and adopt it… we’re talking about data.

  • Get Proactive about Getting More Cloud Training – Make Your Case!

    You need to expand your knowledge and add new skills to improve your ability to work in the cloud. Your company wants to make more money, and since you’re employed by them it is their hope that you will contribute to generating more of that money. This is important to remember as you think about the technology training you want and need to expand your skills to work in the cloud. You’re hoping that your company will send you for that training, but you should also remember that hope is not a strategy! Consider Yourself an Investment