Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

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The way in which a company manages and leverages the intelligence it draws all its data from, can be the difference between market leadership and dismal failure. Learn more about leveraging automation, advanced analysis, and apps like Power BI.


Data is most efficiently entered through on-screen forms. Learn how to automate these forms to populate worksheets quickly.
“What if” has long been one of the most highly valued uses for Excel. New Automated Analysis Tools including Data Tables, Scenarios, Goal Seek, Solver, and the Analysis TookPak facilitate the analysis of various “What if” scenarios. See how these are used for advanced data analysis.
SSRS 2017 has a new Mobile Report Designer that makes this process easier and helps produce a profession looking result.
Business Intelligence (BI) is a critical tool for effective operations, and Microsoft Power BI is the foremost platform for putting BI to work. Learn the fundamentals of implementing Power BI for your organization.
Gain more control over how you work with data, automate repetitive tasks, and create far more value with Excel by using macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
Overview of how to retrieve Historical Values from Tables using SQL Server 2016 Temporal Tables feature.
Trend and comparison analysis turn data into insight that accurately predicts future outcomes. Learn how to wield these tools to benefit your organization, and your career.
  • The Problem is… what happens when it starts to grow?

    No, we’re not talking about a horror movie in which astronauts find a cute little baby space creature and adopt it… we’re talking about data.

  • Get Proactive about Getting More Cloud Training – Make Your Case!

    You need to expand your knowledge and add new skills to improve your ability to work in the cloud. Your company wants to make more money, and since you’re employed by them it is their hope that you will contribute to generating more of that money. This is important to remember as you think about the technology training you want and need to expand your skills to work in the cloud. You’re hoping that your company will send you for that training, but you should also remember that hope is not a strategy! Consider Yourself an Investment

  • The Data Journey – Path to Your Future?

    Do you find yourself thinking so hard about what you want to do next in your career that you just get frustrated? You’re not alone. With so much constantly going on in the IT world sometimes its too much to think about, and at other times you just see nothing.