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The key to continued success in your technology career requires that you constantly keep up with emerging new tools and new development platforms. Cloud platform providers compete constantly to deliver more and better support to developers. Learn about these new advantages and how you can put them to work.

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1/2 Day Seminar Schedule

1/2 Day Seminar Schedule

Azure has evolved to become a very powerful, very extensive, and sometimes complex cloud platform. This session tours you through a normal scenario for creating virtual machines in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) structure and then add options to advance to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) functionality. In the end we’ll have created a SQL database and Web App running a core .NET application. See Azure in Action.
This session is designed for developers to take you beyond the fundamental, intermediate, and even the advanced Azure functions to focus on the most esoteric, exotic services Azure provides including speech, face detection, and much more.
“Beautiful is better than ugly. Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated…” -from The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters. We are surrounded by data everywhere we turn, from spreadsheet to hand-held devices. How do we take this big blob of messy data and turn it into something beautiful? Something meaningful? Something profitable? In this session, we will take an introductory look at those questions and many more with Python.


  • Overlay text on images with CSS to increase site optimization (Web Design)

    Do you cherry pick non-web-safe fonts when you’re looking for some visual variation? Take note: The web design process is smoother if you don’t. For front-end website developers, designs with custom fonts that are unusable online have to be merged into a single image, which is not beneficial for site optimization. When front-end developers opt to use images with the text overlay included in the graphic, it saves a lot of time and effort because the developer does not have to create the additional styles to ensure that the text remains in the correct position and displays a consistent font. However, this shortcut does not do the website or user any favors in the long run. Solution: To increase site optimization, use web-safe fonts in the design process and CSS to overlay text on images instead of as a single graphic. Not only does this make the text readable by search engines, but it also creates a more fluid experience for those accessing the site from a mobile device.

  • Maintain Excellence as a Freelance or Small Business Developer

    If you work in a large software-oriented company, your code may be frequently subject to rigorous code reviews. Furthermore, you’re likely to be surrounded by other developers. Some who may know more about development than you do. Working just a few seats away from these individuals can be highly motivating, as it creates pressure for you to have ideas that are worthy to contribute.