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Multiple studies suggest that most users take advantage of about 10% of what Microsoft Excel can do. Every percentage beyond that makes you more valuable to any employer. Excel has occupied a space in every technologist’s toolkit as the ideal tool for managing data, and data transforms from platform to platform. Prepare to be surprised as you learn more and more about this remarkable tool.

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1/2 Day Seminar Schedule

The PivotTable has emerged as the preferred analytical tool of those responsible for managing large datasets.
Lookup functions are among the most frequently used advanced features in Excel, enabling powerful applications and bringing the power of relational databases to the spreadsheet experience. This course takes you through the selection and most effective use of these powerful functions.
Data dashboards have demonstrated the power of color and highlights when displaying data for rapid, accurate consumption. Excel's toolset for visual emphasis is Conditional Formatting which changes the color and other features of cells depending upon the results of computations. See how this is most effectively put to use, making spreadsheets substantially more valuable to users.
Find out more about everything they need to know about PivotCharts to use them effectively with their data. We will discuss how PivotCharts work, as well as how to create, modify, filter, and format them to easily visualize and analyze interactive data.