Can’t find my login

Option 1- Please search “New Horizons Computer Learning Centers <customercare@gotowebinar.com>” in your email.  You received an automatic link to join when you registered from that email address.  Reminders are going out 1 hour before each session.   Check your spam folder.

Option 2- You can register again if you are unable to find confirmations at www.spectechular.com and you’ll receive automatic confirmations with links to join.  If you are confirmed then it won’t allow you to register again.

Note: Each webinar has a separate link, unique to each person.


When will I get my Login information?

1 Hour before your Virtual Seminar, you will receive a reminder email notification with a hyperlink and your log in credentials.

Are the Sessions Recorded?

Yes! You will be able to access the recordings via SpecTECHular one week after the event.



I am having trouble with audio

Please go through the sound check in the audio tab.  That will allow you to select a different mic if needed.

If that doesn’t work they can call (877) 582-7011  GoToWebinar support for additional help.


Note: All sessions are being recorded and we will share links after the event.


Professional Development Units (PDUS)
  •  We provide a certificate for each hour showing the session or sessions you attend, and you can submit that certificate to the accrediting body.
  • The certificate includes the Session title, Speaker Name, Date and Hour(s).
  • It is up to the accrediting body to determine if the session meets the requirements of their program and whether they will accept the sessions for credit in their process.