Keys to Professional Success

Keys to Professional Success

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Professional success is all about how well you understand, connect with, and relate to other people. Those you report to, those who report to you, customers, and associates from many other disciplines work better and have greater appreciation for those who have studied, learned, and mastered the skills that lead to more efficient and effective communication and performance.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Center for Leadership and Development

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Evidence suggests that high emotional intelligence (EI) is a stronger predictor of success than intelligence and technical skills. This webinar will introduce you to emotional intelligence — the ability to understand your effect on others and manage yourself accordingly. You’ll learn how to harness emotions for improved problem solving, conflict resolution, motivation, and leadership results. Use your emotions to drive your overall professional success!
Effective conflict management skills are imperative. In this session, learn how to manage conflict before it becomes a problem. Understand how to handle conflict in a positive manner which will lead to a better work environment. Embrace different personalities in order to get the most from others, and discover strategies that lead to a better work environment.
Go deeper than you have gone before to increase your understanding of how to achieve successful work relationships that really work! Using activities and discussions, discover ways to make a real difference in your current work environment.