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Open any news site or app on any day and you’ll find security breach reports. You’ve heard about the millions and billions of records and dollars that have been compromised. The Economist reports that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, it’s data! Clearly the need for more and more sophisticated security experts continues to grow along the meteoric trajectory it has been moving in for years. Claim your place in this most sought-after group of technology professionals and learn more along this track.

Security- 5 Steps to Maxmimize your Cybersecurity Workforce

Join CompTIA's Dr. James Stanger as he discusses research that addresses unanswered questions and issues raised by our ambient computing, IoT-aware world. James will discuss how adoption of the cloud, IoT, and edge networking have impacted security today. We're now seeing real 2FA adoption, and the beginning of the end of the password era. But, this means that attackers will focus on other areas. We're also seeing more sophisticated DDoS and credential harvesting attacks, as well the rise of AI-based attacks and solutions. Join Dr. Stanger to learn more about the altered attack surface, and how today's security professionals have adjusted security analytics, pen testing, and advanced security practices accordingly.
Learn how proper change management improves response time, helping incident response teams get networks up and functioning faster, increasing productivity and improving profitability.
Are you who you say you are is the first step to assuring that you have the right to access desired data. Learn how this actually works. Encryption is the lock you must possess the key to open.
Cybercrime impacts everyone, nobody is exempt. The importance of providing proper privacy and security steps for each and every user.
It may not be enough to talk the talk. When it comes to cybersecurity you must walk the walk, too.
The first step in stopping cyberattacks is identifying them. CompTIA Security+ helps you develop your ability to detect and identify a broad range of exploits.
Controlling who has rights to what in your network can become overwhelming when broad changes are needed. Role-Based control in System Center Configuration Manager slashes the time it takes to effect changes by assigning each user to a specific role. Changes made to the role change all assigned users at once.