Understanding Certifications

Understanding Certifications

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While most technology certifications are in transition, they’ve never been more valuable to your career. With Microsoft setting the pace by shifting their training to a role-based structure, others will soon follow. This enables technology professionals to determine their training roadmap based on the job position they occupy, and for the positions they wish to occupy next. From Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA certification information, to learning how to take tests more successfully, this track will prepare you to pursue the career of your choice.

1/2 Day Seminar Schedule

Microsoft’s Role-Based Training simplifies the charting of your learning path by assembling all the courses required for the job role you perform in one place. Instead of hunting down relevant courses, simply look up your role and follow the path. Learn more about it in this valuable session.
For the first time in many years Cisco recently revamped its entire certification track with the goal of making it more understandable and more relevant to today’s IT professional. Learn which new certifications replace which from the old program, and how to best transition your training, your accomplishments, and your existing certifications. Learn how to maximize this program to further your success.
There actually is a right way to take tests, or at least a more effective, more successful way. Learn these strategies to increase your score and speed your progress toward certification.
IT Industry companies highly value the broad certifications offered by CompTIA. Beyond the courseware and curriculum there are proven strategies for mastering the information, studying for the exams and superior strategies when actually taking exams.
  • Certification Exams Tips and Tricks


  • Certify to Qualify for Your Dream Job

    The US Department of Defense requires IT applicants to possess a CompTIA Network Certification. More and more large organizations are recognizing the high value of IT industry certifications. How you align your Learning Plan can be your first strategic step toward the job you dream of.

  • Cross-Training and Your Career

    This will come as no surprise. The more you know, the more you’re worth. In the IT industry that great truth has been growing year-by-year for decades. There was a time when you could categorize yourself as a “desktop guy”, or a “server guy.” A “storage guy” or a “networking guy” or any of many others. The economics of the business changed as more firms took on more clients and more responsibilities. The trick to managing costs involved sending out the right “guy” at the right time to each call with the right skills and the right tools. Some members of some tech teams were “certification hounds” who grabbed every opportunity to take a training course and get a new certification in something they didn’t already have. Soon dispatchers found it much easier to manage the call flow as they gained more flexibility in who they had available with the right skills to be assigned to a wider variety of calls.